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7 Color Jelly ROUND UV/GLOW Diamond Painting Drills Beads

7 Color Jelly ROUND UV/GLOW Diamond Painting Drills Beads

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7 Color Jelly ROUND UV/GLOW Diamond Painting Drills Beads

Only sold in the set of 7. Due to limited inventory we cannot offer them individually & they will only be sold in the bundles.  

Colors include Yellow, Orchid, Red, Violet, White, Peach, & Blue. Please see the photos to show you the way they look in natural light and under UV light. 

Jelly drills are very transparent and glow under UV/Blacklight. THESE DO NOT GLOW IN THE DARK or hold a charge from direct light other than UV/Blacklight.  They are a different product than our Jelly Square drills that do glow in the dark

Drills are packaged by weight in grams. Drills are packaged in 1000-drill, 5 gram bags. You get 1 bag of each color in the 1000-drill size. We always overfill our bulk bags by an additional 1-2 grams to ensure you receive enough for your project. Drills are packaged in zip-top baggies and labeled with Color and Shape.

COLORS WILL VARY - The DMC color number is a guideline for the industry, but dye lots are different with every manufacturer. We have no control over the shades of drills provided by our suppliers. Our drills may not perfectly match drills you have from other sources or even drills you may have purchased from us in the past. Photos may look different than true shade due to lighting or viewing device.

We are always happy to accept a return for refund. Buyer responsible for return shipping costs. Contact us with any questions, concerns, or requests.

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