Dye Lot Policy

Here you see 6 packs of DMC 3743 and 8 packs of DMC 647. Each one of these packs are a different shade. Each one came from a different supplier or from a different diamond painting kit. We see 14 potentially upset customers who are going to say we sent them "the wrong color". 


Which color is correct?

Honestly, ALL OF THEM are correct! Whatever you receive in your kit is right for your kit. Whether we have the same shade is not something we can guarantee. 

Dye lots will vary with every manufacturer - every time a new batch is made.

Our drills may not match drills from the project you are working on. We cannot control the shades our suppliers send us and we cannot request custom colors. Additionally, our inventory is in constant rotation with drills selling out and being restocked. We never know if what we get today is going to match the drills we had yesterday. 

200-drill packs vs Bulk drills 

Our 200-drills packs and Bulk drills of the same DMC are from different suppliers and do not always match. It is not advised to buy both at the same time. If you need 700-drills of the same DMC, you will do better to purchase either 800 drills in the 200-count packs or a bag of 1000 bulk drills to ensure you get the same dye lot. 


We cannot color-match drills for you based off photographs or samples. We do not manufacturer the drills. We do not manufacture diamond paintings. We cannot suggest alternative colors. We cannot provide you with artistic advice about your project. We simply sell extra drills. 

Photos of our drills are provided on their detail pages. We will be happy to provide you with additional photos of our current stock so you can determine if we have the shade you need. Send us an email with your photo request. info@diamonddrillsusa.com


If the drills you receive from us are unsatisfactory, please see our Return Policy page for return address and information.