DMC 3773 - Not made for Diamond Painting

DMC 3773 is a RETIRED Embroidery Floss color that the DMC company no longer makes. This retired color pre-dated Diamond Painting as a craft and 3773 is not one of the 447 colors currently used in Diamond Painting.

In cross stitch and embroidery, the common substitution for DMC 3773 is DMC 407. This color substitution should work in diamond painting as well.

If you have diamonds that were packaged with the color 3773 printed on the chart and drill packets, this means your diamond painting manufacturer is using an old cross stitch chart to create your diamond painting. They would have substituted another color and marked it 3773. What color they chose is their decision and may or may not be the common substitution of 407. We would have no way of know what color you received marked with a retired number. We cannot match drills based off photos or samples - color-matching is not a service we can provide. We can provide YOU with pictures of our current inventory so YOU can determine if it will work for your project. Send us an email at with a request for photo.