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NEW AB SQUARE 26 Colors Everything Kit Aurora Borealis Diamond Painting Drills

NEW AB SQUARE 26 Colors Everything Kit Aurora Borealis Diamond Painting Drills

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Collect all of our NEW 26 colors of AB SQUARE Drill Beads - Kit contains 1 pack each of 1000 drills with Aurora Borealis coating in Square 2.5mm drills for diamond painting.

152 md lt shell pink
154 vy dk grape
211 lt lavender
223 lt shell pink
307 lemon
318 lt steel gray
413 dk pewter gray
445 lt lemon
453 lt shell gray
535 vy lt ash grey
604 lt cranberry
647 md beaver gray
743 md yellow
762 vy lt pearl gray
816 garnet
822 lt beige gray
902 vy dk garnet
950 light desert sand
3072 vy lt beaver gray
3708 lt melon
3756 ul vy lt baby blue
3805 cyclamen pink
3806 lt cyclamen pink
3812 vy dk sea green
3846 lt br turquoise
3864 lt mocha beige

SHINE up your typical diamond painting kit with AB drills! Replace your basic n diamond drills with AB diamonds of the same shade! These drills are coated in the beautiful Aurora Borealis rainbow effect and will add more dazzle and shine to your project!

Drills are packaged by weight in grams. You get approx 1000 drills in a 6 gram bag of each of the 26 colors. We always overfill our bulk bags by an additional 1-2 grams to ensure you receive enough for your project. Drills are packaged in zip-top baggies and labeled with DMC number and Shape.

COLORS WILL VARY - The DMC color number is a guideline for the industry, but dye lots are different with every manufacturer. We have no control over the shades of drills provided by our suppliers. Our drills may not perfectly match drills you have from other sources or even drills you may have purchased from us in the past. Photos may look different than true shade due to lighting or viewing device.

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