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Jelly AB Drills vs DMC AB Drills

What's the difference between "Jelly AB" drills and the "DMC AB" drills?

Bear with us while we try to get better pictures. There are a couple of examples below, but here is our best explanation:

Jelly drills are semi-transparent, like Jello gelatin. While they have an associated DMC number, they don't look anything like the standard DMC resin drills. The colors are brighter, some almost look neon (no, they do not glow in the dark) . Because these Jelly drills do not match the DMC, we have NAMED the colors such as Red, White, Bright Green, Aqua, etc. 

The DMC AB drills are standard opaque square drills that follow the DMC color chart. They are the normal drills you are familiar with, but they have the magical AB coating on top to make them pop.